2020 Inspirational Guidebook

Can you feel the energy of this upcoming year?

Would you like to understand what it means for you personally?

Do you enjoy finding answers with symbolism in your life?

Symbolism is the often the way our subconscious and even the universe speaks to us. It helps us understand meaning in layers… going deeper and deeper as we uncover the truths hidden within. When I was asking questions about the word or theme for the year, the most amazing experience happened.  I heard a voice enter my mind.  It told me a word and then it said “And here is your number” and I heard a number. What??? A number?  I’ve never heard of that. Then later I had images flash in mind of an animal. I saw the way it moved, I saw the look in it’s eye, heard the sound it made, and felt the energy in its body language.  So apparently there was an animal for the year, too. I then received 4 other symbolic things with messages for this next year. It reminded me of this story where different people are standing around an elephant explaining what it is and what it may look like.


Have you ever chosen a word or theme?

Have you ever gotten a word or theme for the new year? I’ve done it for about 12 years but this year there were SEVEN things revealed!!  I think the world has leveled up… and therefore our message has leveled up, too.

After experiencing all 7 the past couple of weeks the single word so one dimensional… It really is just the beginning.

When I looked at the energy of each of the 7 areas I saw specifically the message they bring and where they specifically support you this year. It was fascinating to uncover!!

After receiving all of this awesomeness I KNEW it was not meant for only myself.  So for the past week I have been putting together workbook to help you discover your 7 areas. It is called the…

2020 Revealed: The Inspirational Guidebook

For the rockin’ price of $20.20 (of course, right?)

Includes recording of training webinar

The webinar explains the deeper symbolism and where each of the areas support us during the year.

20 page workbook, Lists to go through, Discovery links for quick access to research, and a summary to see the big picture all at once.


"Love, love, love!!!! I feel like this is exactly the thing to support my path! I had already done so much of what you suggest in the guidebook, but just on my own in my own haphazard way, you…my lovely Martina Muir, have systematized this into a beautiful process and I am sooooo excited!"

- Christina


"I absolutely loved this exercise! I have chosen a word for the year for many years but this takes it to a whole new level! It feels like I have a whole infrastructure of personal support and insight as I go into this monumental year! Thank you for sharing your revelation with us!!"

- Melani

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